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Our COMMLIGHT® series combines the latest achievements in LED and lithium technology for a durable all-in-one independent light source. The high efficiency LED-lights combined with our proprietary integrated power management system allow for a lean system design. The solar panel has been integrated into the basic version of the lamp. Equipped with an intelligent microcontroller and a motion sensor, the lamp will automatically switch to the dimmed mode to save energy when full light is not needed.

Both the COMMLIGHT® 800 and 800XL have a plug and play additional solar panel with an innovative build-in mounting rail for quick installation.

The housing is made of high-quality powder coated aluminum, and together with the integrated mono crystalline solar panel the physical lifetime is beyond 20 years. All electronic components are sealed in IP65 protected housings, which makes the COMMLIGHT® perfectly suitable for tropical climates

With technology developed in Germany and Singapore (SERIS), we offer a new solar community light which combines high quality with several innovative features at an affordable price.

Maintenance free for 8-10 years thanks to modern battery technology:

COMMLIGHT® uses a robust lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery to store solar energy. This advanced battery technology is very efficient, durable, and has an expected lifetime of 8-10 years with our power management system. Other solar streetlights use lead acid batteries that have a limited lifespan due to sulphation. Our battery technology does not lead to any such sulphation. Intelligent charge management protects the battery from reaching critical levels. Our standard product warranty is 2 years and can be extended to 5 years.

Easy & flexible theft proof installation:

COMMLIGHT® is easy to install on any pole type with diameter 35-85mm, recommended for about 4 m height. With clamps and 4 anti-theft screws the mounting takes only minutes, no extra cabling is required.